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May 19, 2008

Indian Superheroes

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The other day I was waiting for a friend for a movie at the theater in a nearby mall. To while away some time, I entered a comic store.

I was surprised to see an entire shelf full of Indian titles – Devi, Sadhu, Snakewoman, even Ramayana 3392AD which – the name says it – is a futuristic adaption of the epic story. The artwork is astounding and the story settings don’t look bad. The company behind the titles is Virgin Comics which has people like Richard Branson and Shekhar Kapur as founders. One of the founders, interestingly, is named Gotham Chopra.

I did not see Pavitr Prabhakar on the shelves. He is the Indian Spiderman with really bad sense of dress. Apart from what seems like a upper-half-skin-tight-lower-half-free-flowing kurta, desification is complete in characters’ names as well – he fights Nalin Oberoi, not Norman Osborne and Mary Jane becomes Meera Jain. The storyline remains almost the same though.

The new brigade is fine. But remember the old home-grown favorites – Nagraj, Super Commando Dhruv and the rest of the Raj Comics gang? Some quick googling revealed that they are still alive and very much kicking. The latest Super Commando Dhruv offering is called World Wide Web. Obviously it’s about giant spiders. Ahhh… the nostalgia


December 19, 2006

Tech Comics

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The popularity of a comics depends more on how people can relate to it than on just the humor part. I think that explains why, for example, Dilbert is so popular.

I discovered a couple of tech-themed comics recently. They are pretty good. Here is a sampler –



July 12, 2006

Another Indian cartoonist

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Some time back, I’d written about Rajneesh Kapoor, a cartoonist working for Hindustan Times. Today, he mailed me that he met a girl in Barista who was buying one of his books. Supposedly she had read the review here. Small world!

Here is another cartoonist, Vikram Nandwani from Pune. He burlesques political issues in India and has only a handful of cartoons on his blog, but his artwork is nice.


June 18, 2006

A book of cartoons

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A book of cartoons by an Indian author is both rare and uninviting. It’s because the standard of Indian cartoons has been abysmally degraded by silly strips like Hum Tum that just stole jokes from forwarded emails.

The most famous Indian cartoonist is probably Mr. RK Laxman who has been running a cartoon strip for more than 50 years. But all he ever talks about is corrupt politicians and poor common man – it’s too repetitive.

Yesterday when I picked up a cartoon book by one Rajneesh Kapoor from the order counter in Barista, it was just out of curiosity – I wasn’t expecting anything. But this guy is surprisingly good! His jokes are fresh and he is in touch with the times. We ended up finishing the entire book over coffee and bought another volume of the series.

He’s definitely not in the league of, say, Scott Adams yet, but his strip asserts that the quality of cartoons in India is getting better.

He runs a daily strip, This is Our Life.

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