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May 2, 2009

The Wagner Principle

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If something can happen and may not happen there’s a 50% chance of it happening. Now don’t shake your head like that. This insight comes from Dr. Wagner, the guy who took upon himself to save the world by filing lawsuits against the Large Hadron Collider (as there’s a 50% chance that it would annihilate the world). You can’t ask for more reliable sources of information.

This is good news for Bobby Deol as there’s a 50% chance that his next movie, Bichu Badal aur Bobby, will be a superhit (partly due to these tough times, almost all of the scenes are directly picked up from his previous movies as the directors thought they fit the storyline of this one too).

Researchers are looking at other implications of the Wagner Principle. What we have till now is not too promising though. There’s a 50% chance that you locked your car with your key inside, a 50% chance that you have Swine flu and a 50% chance that your apartment is on fire right now.

However, there are people who disbelieve everything (like landing on the moon, RajniKanth’s two kills with one bullet routine and the fact that IPL matches are all computer generated). But I have this to say to the skeptics of the Wagner Principle – if you prove it wrong, you only prove its correctness as the Principle directly implies that there’s a 50% chance that it’s wrong. There you go.

Btw, here is the Daily Show clip where Dr. Wagner candidly introduces his insight to the world.

PS: It hurts me that Dr. Wagner beat my undergrad buddy who I think understood the fact back in the day. On being asked how his exam went, he always used to say “Either I’ll pass or I won’t. So it’s 50-50”


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