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April 24, 2009

Games based on Bollywood movies

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Just noticed this 3D game based on Ghajini (that, for the uninitiated, is a part Memento part song and dance Hindi movie). It’s claimed to be “India’s First 3D PC Game”. Of course it is no GTA, but the trailer doesn’t look bad and game levels look decent too, though Amir Khan walks in a weird jumpy way. I wish there was a trial version available – the only way to get it is to order a DVD from Eros Entertainment. That’s right – you can’t download the game even after you pay for it – they ship you the disc.


While googling this, I ran into year-old news stories about the “upcoming” release of a game based on Dhoom 2. Seems like it got abandoned midway. They did generate some screenshots based on the movie posters though –

I couldn’t find any data on how well the Ghajini game did, but I think such games have a huge potential. There are two enormous categories of people – those who watch Bollywood movies and those who play casual games. I think there are a large number of people who do both.

An important thing to realize, I think, is that these games have short shelf lives. People are more likely to try them out while the movie is still running in the theaters or winning awards.

Secondly, these games would generate more excitement in casual gamers rather than hardcore gamers. It should be easy for the casual gamers to discover and start playing them. So ordering a disc online is probably not the best way to engage this audience. Ideally, the game should be playable in the browser – the user shouldn’t have to install anything (well, maybe the Shockwave plugin, but that’s most likely already installed). The game can be released in short episodes with, say, an hour’s play time for each. Also, it has to be easy enough so that a casual gamer can finish it. It’s a bonus if the stories tie up with that of the movie (stories aren’t the strongest part of Bollywood movies, but things are changing).

There should be plenty of alternate ways to make money from such games, like selling movie merchandise on the website, introducing the gamer to movie’s soundtrack through background music, in-game ads (the Ghajini game shows ads of PVR and Intel within the game) and so on.

If only there was a game based on Gadar. If it was integrated with Facebook, you’d probably get something like this in your newsfeed “Your friend killed 167 people with a handpump. How many can you kill?” (with apologies to people who’ve not seen the movie starring the legendary Sunny Deol)


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