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March 9, 2009

Race to the PATH variable

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I need to implement a parallel algorithm using MPI for an assignment. I wanted to develop and test the algorithm locally on my Windows machine before evaluating it on the university’s mega cluster with 8-core nodes. I had heard about MPICH2 before, so decided to try it out.

MPI programs are run with mpiexec.exe. When I tried running my short sample program, I got this error

Aborting: unable to connect to HARSHDEEP, smpd version mismatch

I did what I generally do in such cases – google the error string (excluding my machine name of course).

The problem was surprisingly hard to uncover. It turns out that Matlab comes with its own mpiexec. That mpiexec is also in the path. What needs to be done is to put MPICH2’s path before Matlab’s path in the PATH variable. I found this solution in a forum post here. Apparently it didn’t work for the original poster.

PS: Here is another way to run MPI on Windows.


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