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February 24, 2009

Don’t give mail passwords to random websites

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In the last hour, I have got three chat messages of this form –

hey, check out this video:  <some_tinyurl_link>

The link takes me to viddyho.com that conveniently asks me to login using my GMail password.

Yea right

It hurts me to see that people are actually falling for this – even CS students. This is Common Sense 101. They should be made to write “I won’t give my passwords to arbitrary websites” on the blackboard 100 times.


February 16, 2009

Had a bad Valentine’s Day?

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Some students brought an already mostly trashed car, probably from some salvage yard and put it in the middle of the busiest street (in the number of pedestrians, vehicles are not allowed) in the University today. The sign next to it said “Had a bad Valentine’s Day? Smash the car. $1 for 4 shots. $2 for 10.”

I didn’t see anyone taking up the offer when I passed. I guess that’s a good thing – everybody had a good Valentine’s 🙂

February 13, 2009

Incompetent Thief

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If somebody breaks into my car, I would rather hope it’s a competent thief with some relevant experience. Not like the clumsy person who, in the desperation to take out the stereo from my car, tore apart the entire surrounding panel and chopped up all the cables behind that. Even the wipers stopped working. I think this person should try some other profession. The detective found traces of blood on the panel.

Contrast this to the thief who stole a friend’s stereo – it was so clinically removed that she didn’t see a single scratch anywhere on her car. Now that’s professional.

Note: For concerned friends and family, this does not mean that I live in an unsafe area. Such acts are very rare and it’s safe here J

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