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January 12, 2009

Latest in Music

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This time when I came to visit Delhi, I realized that I’m completely out of touch with Bollywood music. When I stayed here, it was literally impossible to not know the latest chart busters by heart. You listen to them on FM in car (the distances and traffic of Delhi means you spend quite a lot of time in the car) and on TV at home – even news channels play Bollywood music sometimes. They are inescapable.

It’s a totally different story in the US. Sure there are ‘top 10’ websites where you can look up the names of the popular songs. To listen to them, I would generally search for individual songs on Youtube. Very inconvenient.

Latest in Music

All I want to do is stay in touch with the latest in music. So I wrote a script to scan those song listings on the web, search for the songs on Youtube and show all the videos at one place – www.latestinmusic.com. The script also generates an RSS feed so that the videos of new songs appear in my aggregator (I use and highly recommend Google Reader) automatically. All those songs are also assembled in a playlist using Youtube API so I can hear them one after the other without having to manually switch between them.

The song listings are scrapped from Dishaant, Planet Bollywood and Raaga. Once I was done with this, it was not too hard to do the same thing for English songs as well, scrapping the song listing from iTunes’ US and UK top lists here.

Youtube search with a song title (along with the movie name for Bollywood songs and artist for English ones) is definitely not guaranteed to return the actual song as the first result but it’s uncanny how often it works right. Check it out for yourself and let me know if you have any comments or suggestions.


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