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October 16, 2007

My Ray Tracer Artifact

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I just completed an artifact for the Ray Tracer that I worked on as part of an assignment for the Computer Graphics course that I’m taking this semester.

One of the coolest things about Computer Graphics is that you can immediately see the results of your labor. Here is the artifact that I’m going to submit.

There is nothing path-breaking about this example. It just shows off the minimal set of features that every ray tracer has.

The spheres are placed according to a simple recursive algorithm, and the planes are meant to make the 3D placement of spheres more evident. The material of each object is both reflective and refractive. The central sphere is mapped with a texture and the diffuse color of the rest of the spheres gets darker with the depth of recursion (smaller ones are darker than the bigger ones). There are four point light sources in the scene. Each ray can bounce (reflect or refract) up to 4 times.

This is how the image looks if there is no reflection and refraction.



  1. u deserve an A+ definitely….khush kar deeya aaj…aakhon mein aasoon aa gaye hai….

    keep it up papa!

    Comment by sam — October 17, 2007 @ 6:07 am

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