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September 10, 2007

Back To School

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This time I’m writing from Austin, Texas. And this is where I will be writing from for most part of the next 2 years as I complete my Master’s in Computer Science from University of Texas at Austin. Hopefully, I’ll do some research too.

At this point I could go into any of the following trajectories:

  1. Adapting to the academic environment after spending 3 years in the industry
  2. Cultural shock in the US – no amount of Hollywood diet prepares you for the 6th street
  3. Home sickness
  4. 7 wonders of Austin

But any of them will make it an unbearably long post. I must mention my new roomie, Sudipta as he has written extensively about such stuff. He is a second year MS student and a father figure to many first year students.

Here is a video I shot at the Flugtag. AFAIK, it was a calculated stunt and the pilot is still alive.

Hook’em Horns!


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