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June 6, 2007

Why you should learn a new programming language

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As a computer scientist, one must avoid getting stuck with one programming language, even if it’s the “best programming language ever” and you can use it to do everything you’d ever want to. By constraining oneself to a particular language for too long, one starts confusing “what is” with “what should be” and “what can be”.

I’ve been using C++ for the last 7 years. I had the (primitive) Borland Turbo C++ compiler on my first computer that dad gifted me when I entered NSIT. I fell in love with it immediately and, besides brief forays into Java and VB, I’ve mostly stuck to it since then.

It’s a wonderful language. I was developing software for desktop and mobile platforms (no web development), and it was sufficient for all my needs. Some of my tasks might have been completed much faster if I had used, say, Perl or Python, but C++ is like a trusted friend whom I’d always approach first. Other options were considered if there was a very significant gain in terms of productivity – significant enough to warrant the learning curve.

But I don’t think this is the right approach in the long run. I should have gone through the learning curve in many of those situations. An engineer must continuously learn new tools to make himself more productive. Scott Hanselman puts it more directly by saying that you should learn one new language every year.

I’m now learning ActionScript for my current project which is a Flex/Apollo application. In spite of the suffix “script”, it is a very powerful and flexible language. I learn something interesting every day. Some of the stuff that you can do in ActionScript will never be supported in C++. This doesn’t mean that C++ is archaic compared to ActionScript or that ActionScript has insufficient or unnecessary features. It just means that the two languages are used for different purposes, and have different styles of getting things done.

A fundamental difference between ActionScript and C++ is that ActionScript is prototype-based while C++ is class-based. A class in ActionScript is internally very different from one in C++. In C++, a class definition is just a blueprint for the objects. In ActionScript, like other prototype-based languages, it is an object in itself and new objects are created by cloning it. This is what the reference says.

Every class definition is represented by a special class object that stores information about the class. Among the constituents of the class object are two traits objects and a prototype object. One traits object stores information about the static properties of the class. The other traits object stores information about the instance properties of the class and serves as the primary mechanism for class inheritance. The prototype object is a special object that can be used to share state among all instances of a class.

Look at the XML handling in ActionScript. Thanks to the E4X support, you can use XML as part of your code…

… and work with it in intuitive ways using little code. For example mXml..name gives a list of names of all employees, and mXml.employee.(age<30).name gives the list of younger ones only. Here is an introduction to E4X in ActionScript.

There are several other interesting things about ActionScript that will be new to somebody born and brought up with C++. And it’s probably the same with other languages as well. So, even if you don’t have an immediate need to use a new language, I feel it’s worth taking some time out to get your hands dirty with one. It’s fun and chances are that you’ll pick up something fundamental in the process.



  1. Hi Harsh,
    nice article dude. Its really inspiring!
    Even i have started my blog about programming and my comp projects.

    Comment by Abhishek Mishra — June 6, 2007 @ 7:34 am

  2. I am getting to the point where i am sick of people asking me what programing lanaguages i know, like that is actually going to tell you about how good i am as a coder. I can program in any language, i just might have to sit down and learn the paradime first.

    Good read.

    Comment by Link Saturation Hacks — June 6, 2007 @ 10:54 am

  3. nice one..

    Comment by Rahul — January 8, 2008 @ 3:20 am

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