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March 31, 2007

Tech Comics 2

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Discovered a couple of nice tech comics last week – Joy of Tech, and Bug Bash.

Joy of Tech is based on the latest happenings in the technology world, while Bug Bash, as the name suggests, is more about the gory insides of software industry.


Bug Bash

I have one gripe against Joy of Tech. Their RSS feed just contains a link to the comic, rather than the complete comic itself. I’d rather read the comic in the coziness of my RSS aggregator, than visiting their page over-cluttered with ads.

Tech Comics 1


March 2, 2007

J2ME won’t let me have a prettier SMS inbox

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SMS is the second biggest revenue generator for telecom operators, but SMS applications on almost all mobile phones are rudimentary at best. Now that phones are available with decent sized internal memory, and extensible memory is going into GBs, the SMS inbox is getting larger and larger. So if you want to find the SMS in which your friend sent you the venue of the party, good luck scrolling – calling him again will probably take less time. Why don’t SMS applications have search, conversation views, labels etc., like email applications? That would make SMSs much more usable.

As this is a long weekend (Happy Holi!), I armed myself with NetBeans 5.5 along with the mobility pack, and the noble intentions to change the world with a J2ME SMS application that will allow you to do all the things I just mentioned. But here comes the bummer. J2ME doesn’t let you access SMS inbox! You can send messages, and receive messages (sent to a particular port that your app is listening on, not general “how you doin?” messages – they go to the phone’s default application only), but you can’t read the inbox. Even after so many years of development, I would expect J2ME to support something as basic as this. And I’m not the only one complaining about this.

Maybe I should write a native Symbian application. Or maybe I should go out for a movie.

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