Harshdeep 2.0

October 28, 2006


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Klueless is back! No I’m not talking about myself, though I’m writing on this blog after quite some time. I’m talking about the puzzle put together by IIM-Indore guys as part of their fest called Iris.

The first version of Klueless was a huge hit last year. Basically, you have to work on the clues given on a page to move on to the next page/level. Everyone seemed to be stuck on one level or the other. To get instant respect in the office, all you had to say was “I’m on level 14” (unless someone else was already on 15 – in that case you’d be ignored like the story in a Sunny Deol movie). Needless to say, it claimed a lot of man-hours.

So, if you like solving mysteries and have a lot of free time, go figure.

It’s easy to get stuck at some level. If you want to get clues (ego permitting) check out this Orkut community and comments at this blog.


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