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June 16, 2006

WidSets – Fancy RSS Reader for mobile phones

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When I first read about WidSets (Widget Sets),  I was expecting something like Yahoo Widgets for mobile phones. But “widgets” in WidSets (Widget Sets) are limited to RSS feeds that are displayed in a nifty way. Apart from tweaking the look of the feeds and their placement, you can’t really do much with them.

Even the RSS capability is very limited right now. When you click on a story from your phone, it shows first few characters and there’s no way to read the entire text if it’s longer than that limit. No embedded pictures are displayed either. But then, the service is in Beta right now – maybe this will change.

You select which widgets you want and how they should be placed relative to each other on your desktop browser. This is how my configuration screen looks –

This arrangement then gets reflected on the phone. This is how it looks on my Nokia 6630 (Viewing in WidSets client, available for free download) –

Did I mention that you can create your own widgets? It’s pretty straightforward – just enter the feed URL and optionally, tinker a bit with the look of the widget. I created a widget "Harshdeep 2.0" that links to the feed of this blog. This is how it looks on the phone

You can publish your widget on WidSets so that anyone can use it.

I think WidSets should be spending time on filling the gaps in the RSS functionalilty of widgets by, for example, displaying full text with images.

But it would definitely be cool to have something like Yahoo widgets for mobile phones in the not-too-long run.


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