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May 16, 2006

Camping at Saat Tal

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You need a vacation the most when you've just returned from one. I know because I've just come back from a weekend camping trip at Saat Tal (in Uttaranchal, Nainital district).

Though the tourist brochures say that it's a 7-hour drive from Delhi, it actually took us around 12 hours because of traffic jams on the way. Imagine getting stuck in a traffic jam at 2 am for 3 hours!

The camp that we went to is a lonely place – we had to get down from the bus, walk around a km (the roads are too narrow for heavy vehicles), cross a lake by boat and then walk uphill for another km to reach the camps.

And it's clean – almost completely free from the litter of polybags and plastic bottles that are an eye sore in many North Indian hill stations.

The camps were beautiful. There is no electricity and no phone network coverage. It is a small valley bordered with small hills with tall trees. At night it looked all the more beautiful (in a spooky way) – washed in full moon light. But the camp people didn't let us wander at some distance from our tents – they said there are leopards in that area. We didn’t get to see any 😦

They call it "river crossing", but there wasn't any water flowing down there. With the kind of support they give – the harnesses and all – it feels so safe that I had to look down in the trench to make myself believe that I'm doing something risky or gutsy – actually it's just a joy ride.


Also went out on an unguided walk over the surrounding hills with a friend and didn't get lost. Got to see some amazing scenery from there but unfortunately my camera batteries had got completely drained by then, so no pics.

Played antakshari a lot – Diksha was generally in my team, so that didn't require any thinking (or even singing) from my side.

Waiting for the next trip now


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