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April 21, 2006

Tracking expenses through Billmonk

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I share a rented flat with 2 friends. Generally, one of us pays the rent, the second one pays monthly appartment bills and I pay the electricity bills. But sometimes there are exceptions to this and there are other payments, like maid's salary, maintenance costs, dinner bills etc. that any one of us might make. Each of us is supposed to keep track of the expenses he makes. Every few months, we settle the dues.

Initially keeping track of the expenses was simple. Each one of us stuck a post-it note in his room on which all the expenses he made were written. But we quickly lost some post-its and decided that the method was not robust enough. We tried maintaining expense databases on our computers and later, mobiles – they served the purpose but were not convenient enough. For example, there was no quick and easy way of finding out how much I owed to others (everyone maintained his own database).

At this point we knew that we needed an online database for our shared expenses, so that we can enter the expenses from any computer or mobile phone and everyone can quickly find out how much he owes to others. 

Ayusman and I were contemplating to write a web app for this ourselves when he found Billmonk. And was I amazed! It rarely happens that you find a service delivering exactly what you want and nothing else. And on top of that, it is completely free 🙂

Billmonk solves a very simple problem – tracking shared bills and loans between friends. But it takes a lot of effort to provide a simple interface even for a simple problem. They use simple non-technical terms like "Shared Bills" and "Payments" that make sense to everyone and not just chartered accountants. Whatever you want to do – adding a shared bill or finding out how much your friend Bill owes you or looking at the latest expenses – is completely obvious – you won't ever think "Where do I click for doing this?", not for too long at least. There are no unnecessary features to bloat up or complicate the UI. Billmonk is a crash course in website usability (Along with 37 signals products).



  1. Thanks buddy

    Mujhe apne sapne bina mehnat kiye sakaar hote dikhna bara achha lagta hai.

    Comment by nishant — May 8, 2006 @ 7:52 am

  2. Seriously, this is super awesome..
    often times I forgot to go dutch and now use this instead of paypal..


    Comment by Ritika — January 27, 2007 @ 6:54 am

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