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February 16, 2006

The importance of “Ignore All”

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Today I was installing Visual Studio 2003 on my new office laptop (yea, now I have two laptops – 4 months ago, I didn’t have a single one. I think I’ll use my personal lappie to record Friends episodes while I’m churning out code in the office lappie during the day) from the company’s internal apps server.

During the installation it showed an error message saying that some file could not be found in the setup and asked me if it should Abort, Retry or Ignore. Looking at the path of the file, I knew I could do without it, so I selected Ignore. And pop comes another error message saying the same thing about another file. I can ignore this file too, so “Ignore”. But the error messages kept popping up and after about a minute, I lost the patience required to keep clicking the left mouse button.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. I had to keep the ‘i’ key pressed on the keyboard to select “Ignore” every time this message popped up. I made the following setup and went back to work on my desktop. If you are an Indian, you’d probably call it Jugad.
Jugad 1

Jugaad 2

If only they could have an “Ignore All” option.

By the way, Visual Studio has been installed and is working fine on my lappie except a module that I’d selected for installation but whose files were not there in setup directory. I’ve never used that module and I doubt if I ever will.


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