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February 15, 2006

Things I want my mobile phone to do

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Here is my wish list for my mobile phone. Some of these are already available in some models, some are under consideration and others are just pure fantasization.

  1. VoIP: Automatically switch from Cellular network and VoIP when there is a Wi-Fi connection available. Nokia and Qualcomm are pushing for this kind of convergence. Dual-mode phones (with both Cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity) are being demoed in 3GSM Conference, Barcelona.
  2. Location awareness: I think GPS receivers are going to be just as common on mobile phones as cameras already have. Some companies like Mitac already provide Windows Mobile powered Pocket PCs with GPS receivers. Bluetooth GPS receivers are already available for Series 60 devices. Nokia has plans to launch its own. I think we’ll see GPS equipped Symbian phones in the market pretty soon. There is a host of services that can be provided when GPS enabled phones become common.
  3. Browse desktop: I should be able to browse my desktop from anywhere using my mobile phone. I want to have access to all my pictures, mp3s, powerpoint presentations and business documents from anywhere. One of the available options for this is Avvenu
  4. Universal Remote: Once I set up a Wi-Fi network in my home, I’d like to use my mobile phone as a remote for surfing channels in my TV, looking at the playlist of my Audio Player, changing water temperature in my bath etc. The mobile phone can do a lot more than being just a universal remote. It can, for example, display the artwork of the album of the current song that’s playing in my audio system and can also show me the lyrics downloaded from the internet.
  5. Substitute Credit Cards: There’s also this idea of converging credit cards with mobile phones so that you can pay directly from your phone and don’t have to carry all those cards. They already have this in place in Japan. I read in Times of India some time back about Airtel planning to introduce this here in India.
  6. Integration with vehicle: If my phone rings while I’m driving, my car should be able to pick up the caller’s number and name from the phone’s contacts list and display it on the dashboard display. And I press a button somewhere easily accessible on the dashboard – better still if the display is a touch screen and I hear the voice on the car’s speakers. Nokia 616 Bluetooth Car Kit is one gadget that does something like this. The car should automatically lock up when I go a certain distance away from it i.e. as soon as the mobile phone that I’m carrying in my pocket goes out of the bluetooth range from the car.

Is it too much to ask for?


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  1. Came here via Google search result for GPS reciever with Bluetooh for series 60 device.

    Noticed your wish for mobile phone replacing SIM cards. It is happening in India already. Check out http://www.mchek.com. Airtel post paid customers in Delhi can make payment through mchek.

    mchek works exactly like you said. It stores all of your credit card information in SIM (a free SIM replacement needed). You can store upto 16 credit/debit cards in your account.

    Btw would it possible for you point to some place in India where I can get/buy GPS bluetooth recievers that I can use in conjunction with
    my series 60 device.


    Comment by Rajan — August 23, 2006 @ 5:54 am

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